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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about the Block of the Month swap.

Q: What am I committing to if I sign up for the Block of the Month Swap?

A: You will be making two blocks every month and you will win a set of approximately 24 blocks some time during the year. Your blocks must be current in order to be in the month's drawing.

Q: When are signups accepted?

A: We accept signups in December and January. After that, you can be placed on the waiting list in case we have someone who is not able to complete swapping for the rest of the year.

Q: What should I do if I am unable to continue with the Block of the Month Swap?

A: If you just need to miss a month or two due to illness or surgery, let the group know and someone will make your blocks for you. Perhaps you will be able to help out a fellow swapper in the future. If you need to drop out entirely, let your hostesses know and we will try to fill your spot with someone from the waiting list.

Q: What should I do if I'm late getting my blocks to Patty?

A: Email Patty to see if the blocks for the month have gone out yet. If not, mail your blocks to Patty. If the blocks have gone out, she will give you the names and addresses of the winners and you can mail your blocks to them directly. Let Patty know when you send the blocks, and swappers receiving late blocks need to let Patty know, so she can keep her records up to date.

Q: What kind of fabric should I use to make my blocks?

A: Use quilt shop quality cottons that have been washed and pressed.

Q: How do I label my blocks, so I get the proper credit for sending them in?

A: You can write your name in the seam allowance with a permanent pen like a Pigma (make sure you write on a light fabric so it's legible) or stick a return address label to the back of each block. For safety reasons, please don't use straight pins to attach paper labels to your blocks. Use safety pins or stitch them on.

Q: When will the block be available for the month and where do I find the instructions?

A: The block will be available on or close to the first of each month. There will be an announcement in the MSN Group messages area under the Current Block topic. There will be a picture of the block on the main page of the Yahoo Group and a link to the instructions. You can also access the blocks for the current year and past years by clicking here.

Q: What do I send with my January blocks?

A: Send a Priority Mail stamp and an address label. Patty will supply the envelope. These will be used to mail your blocks back to you the month that you win the drawing.

Q: When are the blocks due to Patty and where do I find Patty's address?

A: The blocks are due to Patty by the last week of the month. Allow at least a week for them to get to Patty. If you need Patty's address, email one of your hostesses. Our email addresses are on the Contacts page of the website.